Colour Masterbatches for Man Made Textile

Kandui colour library database consists of more than 10,000 shades for Man Made Textile application & the list keeps growing.

The Colour masterbatches by Kandui is customised for man-made yarns such as polyester and nylon. Kandui also makes custom / Tailor-made colours for specific applications.

Colour Masterbatches for Polyester Fiber/Yarn

Kandui having a very wide range of brilliant colours for Man Made Textiles

  • ΔE of ≤ 0.3 to ensure consistency & repeatability.
  • FPV of less than 1 bar/gram is maintained for good screen pack life.

Product Details :

Temperature 140 to 250 Degree C
Bulk Density 1.1+/- 0.2
Heat Stability 300 C
Physical State Solid
Moisture less than 0.1 %
Packaging Size KG
Packaging Type Bag packing
Pack Size PP woven sack
Pack Type 25 kgs
Brand Kandui
Color Blue,Green
Form Cylindrical Pellet
Size (Millimetre) (3.0 -4.0) X (2.0 -3.0)
Ageing time 2 years
Melting Point 230 C to 260 C
Corrosion Type Corrosion less
Light Fastness 6 TO 8
Appearance Green/Blue/Red/Yellow/Violet/Grey/Orange/Brown etc

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