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Kandui Industries is a globally trusted and leading manufacturer of masterbatches with an extensive reach across the globe.

Established in 2006, Kandui offers world-class quality products and services to its customers thus making it one of the preffered names in masterbatch manufacturing.


Why Kandui?

This is a question that we commonly ask ourselves; and infact try to answer it with utmost integrity. we consciously work towards providing you, our customers, meaningful reasons to be a part of your business.

Speedy Customisation! Your needs are specific, which we wish to meet! With our experience, skill and infrastructure, we have benchmarked ourselves for development of a new colour in less than 72 hours!

Consistency! A more critical aspect for us is the batch-to-batch consistency. A parameter that is so crucial for your confidence in using our products.

Hand holding! For us, it’s always about putting our product to your use. For this, we take a few steps forward to provide, incase needed, onsite support – then be it national or international.

Staying Updated! Investment in infrastructure stimulates us to address customer needs and enhance customer confidence. Equipment for R&D is one big focus area for us.

Business Conduct! Here comes our acclaimed people factor, our ethical business processes and operating in the realm of the trust of the Kandui brand!

Customer retention is a measure using which we gauge our overall efforts. Kandui today achieves an over 90% in customer retention, a number that we are extremely proud of. We remain grounded and motivated to bridge the gap between 90 and 100%!


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