Filler for Extrusion Coating

Filler for Extrusion Coating

Kandui’s TECHNO COAT® is the solution to Improve Profitability, Productivity and Performance.

Replacing a portion of the resin with calcium carbonate concentrate such as TECHNO COAT® can result in savings from 5-25% depending on the percentage used.

Higher line speeds , better adhesion, easier converting and better barrier properties are some among the many performance improvements that are possible with the addition of TECHNO COAT®. This compound is designed to be used in all type of Food packaging applications.

Product Description

Techno Coat is 70% of fine ground surface treated CaCO3 in suitable polyolefin carrier. They are specifically formulated for use with the wide range of polypropylene and low density polyethylene extrusion coating resins processed at very high temperatures. TECHNO COAT® can be blended into the process at levels ranging from 5–50%, depending on the needs and the application.

Processing Guidelines:

TECHNO COAT® concentrates can be added at levels from 5-50% via volumetric side feeders at the hopper or via gravimetric multi station systems. No changes in temperature profiles are required but optimized performance while maintaining adhesion may be possible with lower temperatures.

Salient Features:

  • Improved Output Rates
  • Improved Mechanical Properties like Dart impact, Tear Resistance etc.
  • Raw Material Savings
  • Improved Economics
  • Lowers Carbon Foot Print
Core Property:

Good Adhesion to different substrates like Paper, all type of films like Foil, PET, Metalized PET etc.


  • Extrusion Coating
  • Lamination
End Products:

  • BOPP/BOPET Lamination
  • Packaging
  • Paper Cups
  • Paper Packaging

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