Automation is inevitable for success – reducing errors, increasing efficiency, saving time! At Kandui, this dictum is followed religiously – start to finish!

Kandui has started the process of implementing SAP ERP in order to get an instant access to real-time information & make smarter and faster decisions based on data from the software’s reporting tools. Enabling SAP will also enable us to share information across all business units and eliminate data inconsistency with a single data source.

Remote working has thrown open new vistas of implementing cloud-based solutions as well as advanced IT infrastructure, company wide.

advance masterbatch manufacturing
At the first rung is installed an EOT (Electric Overhead Travelling) crane that facilitates lifting of heavy raw materials. The next level of automation is incorporated for weighing and printing.

The stacking and retrieval systems have strong automation inbuilt. The 5 vertical stacking 5 – 60 feet high are equipped with articulated forklifts.

Deeper in the process is the automated gravimetric / volumetric feeding / conveying systems.

Last in the line comes the semi-automatic bagging system for handling of finished goods; topped with an automated system for weighing, packaging and labelling.


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