PET Release Masterbatches

PET Release Masterbatches

Reasons to use PET Release Masterbatches:

PET being a light weight material is widely used in packaging of various consumable items. These parts are produced on very high output machines where lot of defects like shot weights & flow marks are occurring. There are situations like the article sticking to the mould and inconsistent flow. Use of mould release sprays will then result in some losses in production. Moreover, if you are into frequent use of spraying, you cannot move forward to robotic handling.

That’s when PET Release Masterbatches come as the solution, as added into the resin directly. The main goal is to improve the flow of resin consistently and not allowing it to stick the mould.
This same material helps in shortening the cycle times and reduces the pressure and temperature of moulding machines. This additive is further used for eliminating or reducing knit or weld lines. Being a non-migratory additive there is no adverse effect on the secondary operations like plating, bonding, decorating, and printing.

PET Release Masterbatches from AddKan:

AddKan houses the best PET Release Masterbatch ADV/07/00085 at reasonable rates. It is one of the best release additives from our Range a low IV product. It helps in easing out the flow and also reduces the processing temperature by 5-10 °C the production rates can be increased by 8% to 12%.

Major features:

  • No need to use the power of any external mould releasing agent
  • Eliminates or reduces the weld or the knit lines
  • Improves the dispersion
  • Reduce the injection pressure and temperature
  • Shortens out the cycle times

  • Blow Moulding
  • Injection Moulding
End Products:

  • Jerry Cans / Bottles
  • Preforms
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