Advantages of Pet Strapping Anti-Split

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Anti-Split Masterbatch

Traditional steel strapping has been in the market for a long time, but there are many issues related to handling & storage. 

The major problems with Steel strappings are:

  1. High cost
  2. Corrosive
  3. Can damage Cargo & the person handling
  4. Extra weight
  5. Very rigid

So, PET strappings have become very popular & replaced all types of metal strappings. 


Polyester or PET strap is actually highly resistant to external damage and corrosion. It retains excellent tension when strapped down on any product during transport or shipping


Elimination of longitudinal splitting problems & improving tensile strength & elongation is the market call in replacing conventional straps with PET straps. 


Kandui industries  PET anti-split Masterbatch, is a real solution in eliminating splitting problems without compromising on the basic tensile & elongation requirements. 


Here Are the Advantages of Pet Strapping with Anti-Split Masterbatch

Improved Strap Sealing


It is one of the advantages you will get from the PET Strapping anti-split Masterbatch. With this, you will have nothing to worry about the efficiency and safety because they enhance your strapping bands’ efficiency, strength, and toughness, which will protect against the splitting effect.


Ageing Performance

When it comes to longevity and preferable performance, then PET Strapping with Anti-Split Masterbatch is the ideal option that you can use.


It is possible because they are made from materials with several properties that reinforce their ability to work best in a wide range of environments or tasks without becoming inefficient. They improve the excellent surface gloss, resistance to damage, and other performance properties.


Enhance Filler addition

With the addition of Antisplit masterbatch, there is the possibility of adding mineral fillers to the strapping and thereby making it more cost-effective. 


Eliminate Splitting effects 

PET Strappings are produced at elevated temperatures and pulled a longitudinal direction increase strength. But there is a reverse effect at the transverse direction causing bending and necking effects to create splits. 


Kandui PET Antispit MB acts as an impact modifier that controls the unidirectional molecular orientation and thus prevents the splitting effects. 


Provides good Flexibility and Enhance Elongation  

The advantage of PET Strapping over traditional Steel ones is the improved flexibility and Elongation after the addition of Antisplit MB. In transit, there is a chance of the load settles and still, the strap should be wrapped tightly is possible with PET Straps. Even though it allows stretching we can ensure the cord holds the cargo tightly even at lower temperatures. 



Traditional steel bands ahs have been replaced by synthetic PET strappings. But the use of Antisplit masterbatches in PET straps has made it stronger, tougher and cost-effective for long term use in any climatic conditions. 



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