Making Fire-Proof Plastics

by | Apr 21, 2022 | General

At Kandui, we pride ourselves in the quality, precision and perfection of our manufacturing process. Moreover, our products boast of some of the finest features that a masterbatch can have, here’s taking a look at our flame retardant masterbatch.

Flame Retardant Masterbatch

By definition, a solid additive that is used to colour or impart important features to plastics is called a masterbatch. 

Our flame retardant masterbatch – the Kandui Firefighter® – therefore makes fire-proof plastics. This halogenated flame retardant is an effective solution for creating fire-proof polypropelene (homo polymer and co-polymer). This product works well on both – thin as well as thick applications. 

These versatile features of our flame retardant masterbatch make it a crucial element to create products for space interiors, pipes and ducts, furniture and even office equipment and profiles, especially because the Kandui flame retardant masterbatch is RoHS compliant too! 

The Kandui Firefighter® doesn’t just have a cool name – it also boasts of some quite remarkable features too! For one, product requires the minimum suggested dosage of additive, even at higher dosage Kandui Firefighter® works wonders in the sense that it maintains the tensile strength of the product completely. There is a negligible change in elongation – but no damage to the strength of the product.

Our product is also a great additive for fire-proofing fabrics such as Raffia. For non-woven fabrics, a low dosage addition works perfectly well owing to the good filterability of our product. it is also used as an additive in lamination. The Kandui Firefighter makes for a great additive to fabrics like tarpaulin, woven sacks, PP films, FIBC and PP non-woven. Such is the effect that even on continous contact with fire, the fabric will at most give out low-dripping and smoke without catching fire and will thus save lives and damages.



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