Colour Masterbatches – Exploring the Spectrum to bring vibrancy

by | Jun 6, 2023 | Color Masterbatch, Masterbatches

Colour masterbatches, also known as colour concentrates, are additives used in the plastics industry to provide specific colours to plastic products. They are concentrated mixtures of pigments or dyes dispersed in a carrier resin.

Colour masterbatches are widely used in various plastic applications to achieve desired colours in products such as films, sheets, bottles, containers, toys, and many other plastic items. They offer a convenient way to incorporate colour into plastic formulations without the need for extensive colour mixing or direct addition of pigments.

The masterbatch is typically added to the base polymer during the manufacturing process. It is mixed with the base resin to achieve the desired colour and opacity. The concentration of the colour masterbatch added depends on the desired intensity of the colour and the transparency of the final product. Different grades and concentrations of colour masterbatches are available to meet specific application requirements.

Colour masterbatches offer several advantages, including consistent colour reproduction, improved dispersion of pigments, ease of handling and storage, and flexibility in adjusting the colour intensity. They also allow manufacturers to achieve a wide range of colours by using different combinations of pigments or dyes.

It’s important to note that colour masterbatches are available in various types and formulations, each suitable for different plastic materials and processing conditions. Manufacturers often provide a range of standard colours, but custom colour matching is also possible to meet specific colour requirements.

Overall, colour masterbatches play a crucial role in the plastic industry by providing an efficient and cost-effective solution to achieve consistent and vibrant colours in plastic products.



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