Antistatic Mb – Neutralising Static Charge With Smartly Developed Combinations

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Antistatic Masterbatches

In our modern lives, dominated by commodification, it would be difficult to imagine a day without plastic products. They are everywhere around us. Be it for personal use or commercial purposes, plastics make a plethora of products that we just cannot do without. From healthcare and wellness, nutrition, transportation, shelter, and safety, to security, communication, leisure activities, and industries, you name it and plastic is used there. Such is the omnipresence of this polymer that if it was removed from our lives, our society might just fall apart. 

This polymer has really made a huge difference in the way we go about our lives and over the years, plastic has only got better in its properties, usability, and even its ability to be recycled into usable material. While it does come with ample advantages, it has some definite shortcomings as well. One such property is the building of static electricity on its surface during processing and handling, which occurs because plastic is a poor conductor. The accumulation and discharge of static charge on a plastic surface can have several adverse effects. These include: 

  • Accumulation of dust particles on the surface of the plastic product. This has increasingly become a challenge for companies as they continue to up their quality standards
  • Electrostatic discharge increases the risk of certain materials stored in plastic containers, especially materials like flammable chemicals and powders 
  • Static attraction leads to thin plastics sticking together 
  • Electronic items can get damaged if their packaging material develops a static charge 

Static charge can have an annoying effect as it makes two plastic objects stick together. However, just a few simple steps can dissipate the static charge and even prevent it from reoccurring. 

  • Rub a dryer sheet on the inside and outside of the plastic box. This will dissipate static by making the box more conductive 
  • Water also increases the conductivity of a surface. So, moistening the box with a moist paper towel will do the trick 
  • Use an anti-static spray or foam on the surface. This will create a conductivity skin preventing the static from occurring. 

such solutions are not always practical. 

Product Innovation For The Prevention Of Static Charge 

The plastics industry has been on a roll for the last decade as it has witnessed several innovative products entering the market, significantly increasing the value and usability of the end products. And one of the many such innovative ideas that have created a well-acknowledged space for itself is Antistatic Masterbatches produced by Kandui Industries Pvt. Ltd, One Of The Top Masterbatches Manufacturer In India. These Antistatic MBs are produced using a synergestic additive combination for minimum Surface Resistivity, eliminating the risk of static charges on plastic materials. 

The additives are dispersed uniformly to give the polymer better antistatic properties at lower addition levels making them comfortably usable for LDPE, LLDPE, and HDPE. The level of addition is decided based on the SR requirements so that the polymer is perfectly suitable for different kinds of uses including food packaging, automotive parts, toys, road barriers, furniture, and household goods, electric housing, medical components, carry bags, breathable and non-breathable films, garments, woven bags to name a few. 

Another significant quality of Antistatic MB is that they include both migrating and non-migrating types. It functions in a molecular or non-molecular layer and reduces surface resistivity by attracting moisture from the atmosphere. Kandui also offers Antistatic MBs that are based on amine derivative agents. They work efficiently even under low humid conditions. 

Today, every brand is working relentlessly to develop products that exceed customer expectations. Such is the competitiveness in every industry that attracting and retaining customers is not only an ongoing challenge but also a constant struggle to stay ahead of the competitors. However, when an innovation like Antistatic MB enters the market with sparkling abilities to solve one of the most disturbing properties of plastic products, it certainly makes a huge difference in the way the end products are developed. And that’s what it has done. A smartly developed product, Antistatic MB stands out in its category with a guaranteed assurance that it will make a difference, every single time. 



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